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prayer for healing
posted by: Joseph M Fasi on 11/19/2021

Joseph has been dealing with health issues for the last eight months. Any physical activity will cause health issues. Doctors have not been able to diagnose the issue. Please pray for his recovery.
I will pray  
posted by: Tammi on 10/12/2021

My 40 year old daughter Tammi was just diagnosed with 3 leaky heart valves. Please pray the Blood seals the leaks, that God reaches down and touches her and gives her one more miracle, pray she has a long healthy and happy life here on earth. God has saved her and transformed her into a beautiful person, she has a helping heart and compassion and gives back. Please pray for her complete healing in the Mighty Name of Jesus. God Bless you for praying.
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posted by: Sheila on 9/13/2021

Please pray for Peter, Sheila and Scott full salvation ASAP and for Sheila’s family. Thank you so much!!
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Pray for my family
posted by: Jamie on 8/30/2021

Please pray for my family. My wife's mother died last week. Her father is now in the hospital fighting for his life with respiratory problems. Pray for physical and emotional healing for my family, please
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Radio ministry
posted by: Brenda Farley on 7/29/2021

Listen to the ministry of Brenda Farley on WFST radio 600600AM and streaming online from Caribou Maine Thursdays from 7-9pm
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Forgiveness & Mercy from FATHER GOD
posted by: JAMES E KONNOVITCH on 7/29/2021

as a former military member - I was baptized. I recently fell to my knees for my past sins. Last night I had a dream that an unknown woman and I were in a situation. I woke up startled - and prayed. Romans C8 V9-11 Amen - please pray for me!
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Special intentions
posted by: Jamie T on 7/25/2021

For M & her classmates doing well in the nursing school smoothly & graduate on time For D & A to grow 8 more inches & for her acne For J & her boyfriend
I will pray 1 person is praying.
posted by: Mary on 7/11/2021

Pls. pray that the Lord will cast out all discord in our family and give us His peace, love and healing
I will pray 1 person is praying.
Please pray for me to open up to my heart to God in repentance
posted by: Zachary Russell on 7/10/2021

I've almost lacked the strength to repent lately and I need help to love him more and not to give into the Devil's schemes. Please pray for me to love others on all occasions. And a praise report too that God has been able to get me through all of this. Please pray also for my laziness to go away and for me to hear his direction and obey him. Also please pray for lies to leave from me and for me to be free from my sin as well.
I will pray  
Please pray...
posted by: Lynn on 7/5/2021

I have completely failed God, my family, and others. I repent of those many sins, but feel trapped in the consequences of sin. How terribly desperate I am. I hope God will accept me back, but I am filled with fear...
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