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prayer for healing
posted by: Joseph M Fasi on 12/24/2022

Joseph is suffering from a condition where any physical activity will cause him to become physically sick. Doctors have not been able to diagnose his illness. Please pray for his recovery.
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posted by: JENNIFER on 10/19/2022

Please pray for my husband Gene & his adult daughter Melissa that the Lord send a miracle into their relationship now & that God grant them repentance leading to knowledge of the truth & they may come to their senses according to Timothy 2:24.
I will pray  
prayer request!
posted by: daniel cahill on 9/30/2022

Hi pastor and all my wonderful brothers and sisters at the New Birth Christian Center!Please say a prayer for me I am saved yet homeless at 76 in NYC. I hope I am not getting sick, I was tired but now I am feeling tired and weak and feel like giving up that is when your prayers save my life for whatever that is worth!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 9/30/22
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posted by: Tams D on 6/21/2022

Prayers please, for Johnny (65) and his battle with alcoholism. He wants to check himself into rehab, prayers he does it, stays with it and it sticks. Full recovery from alcoholism, protection from the enemy, angels to surround him, a smooth entrance into the facility and guidance, understanding and compassion for the medical professionals who will see him. Heal him. Ease his anxiety and fears. Restore his mind and spirit and body. Cover him in the blood of Jesus. Help him to know YOU LORD. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
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Jason & His Family's Salvation
posted by: aeg on 5/10/2022

Please, pray for Jason and his family's salvation, for contentment in Jesus. Jason doesn't believe God exists nor that belief in Jesus is needed. Also, pray for me to follow God's direction and my family to be unified. Thank you!
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Prayer for healing of psychosis
posted by: Alan Demascus on 4/25/2022

Kindly please pray for the healing of Alan's schizophrenia/psychosis illness. Thank you very much.
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posted by: Wil on 3/2/2022

Greetings in Jesus Name! Can you stand in the gap for us? Pray against tormenting paranoia. Our family desires peace. Healing for my teeth... My employer won't cover certain dental procedures. Pray for peace and wisdom for our family. Pray for meaningful employment as I lost hours. Lord provide... Pray Dad comes to Christ as we go to Alpha. His wife died and he's on anti-depressants and other medication since the death of his wife. He gets pain in his hands and arm, back. Pray against dementia Alzheimer's. He also get's bad dreams. Pray my brother gets out of debt and stops wasting money purchasing useless things. Pray he gets good credit again and wise business decisions. I pray he get's his mind renewed in the word of God, wisdom, not entertainment, overeating, overspending. A 'Christian' brother has submitted false evidence against me. Pray the arbitrator will not overlook it and for a favorable outcome. He also violated his restraining order consecutively and made conflicting claims. We need a strong defense/offense and sometime fear confuses us... We need wisdom and boldness. The next hearing is on May 10. Thank God we are all fairly healthy. I will be preaching this month also We are grateful for your prayers! We pray God will grant you the desires of your heart. Thank you for bearing our burdens.
I will pray  
prayer for healing
posted by: Joseph M Fasi on 11/19/2021

Joseph has been dealing with health issues for the last eight months. Any physical activity will cause health issues. Doctors have not been able to diagnose the issue. Please pray for his recovery.
I will pray 2 people are praying.
posted by: Tammi on 10/12/2021

My 40 year old daughter Tammi was just diagnosed with 3 leaky heart valves. Please pray the Blood seals the leaks, that God reaches down and touches her and gives her one more miracle, pray she has a long healthy and happy life here on earth. God has saved her and transformed her into a beautiful person, she has a helping heart and compassion and gives back. Please pray for her complete healing in the Mighty Name of Jesus. God Bless you for praying.
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posted by: Sheila on 9/13/2021

Please pray for Peter, Sheila and Scott full salvation ASAP and for Sheila’s family. Thank you so much!!
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